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Notty House and Even More Speaker Building

Saturday night saw Isembard's Wheel return to an old haunt, the Notty House. As always, they put on a fantastic set, despite setting a new record of four strings breaking!

We took four of the little monitors, two for the main PA, two for the monitor mix. There was also a pair of the 15" subs for some low-end thump. While small in size, this little system provided well for the venue.

The new speakers are coming along well - the last bit of gluing has been done, so now all that's left is to apply some Rosewood stain, and attach the grilles. In order to ensure the cabinets are suitably well-built, I spent a while jumping up and down on them, and they remained solid. Thanks to the neodymium drivers, the cabinets are fairly light and easy to move around. With some preliminary EQ on the compression driver, a very good sound was achieved. There was an excellent resolution to the sound - even in mono, it was easy to pick out double-tracked vocals (where the singer is recorded singing the same thing twice, and both are played back). The treble was excellent, and there was a useful amount of bass, though later some subwoofers were added to extend the bass response.

Once the cabinets are fully assembled, we'll use a measurement mic to fine-tune the processor to the speakers before taking them out for gigs.

That's all for now - the glue's nearly dry, so there's things to do.

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