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New for 2019 - lights and more

A lot of you have asked about the possibility of lights, and I've taken notice. New for 2019, and after a lot of testing, I have added a total of 10x Martin Thrill Mini Par lights to the inventory here at Grimshaw Audio. These lights are compact LED parcans, with options for sound-to-light, pre-programmed shows, strobe, and more, as well as accepting DMX control. I also added a small lighting desk for controlling the lights on-the-fly, although I will certainly focus mostly on mixing. I'll be deploying the lights for uplighting, stage washes, but I can also swap to a lighting engineer role during DJ performances.

Apart from that, I'm working on a new set of stage monitors in partnership with Faital Pro, who recently released their HX range of coaxial speakers. I have one of the 10" drivers here, and am working on a compact stage monitor that's primarily for vocal use, but has enough low-frequency output to be used as a front-of-house speaker in smaller venues.

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