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Passive Filters for Dynamic Microphones


In this post, I'll be writing about a way of simulating the effects of adding passive components to a dynamic microphone. This was borne out of necessity: the EV RE320 I'd been trying out sounded bad enough that, while technically it was operational, it ought to be fixed. It's easy to throw a few components around and get some difference, but I find that a good simulation is much better than trial and error.

All the software I is freely available online, and works fine on a typical Windows 10 laptop.


Dynamic mics are effectively speakers - they both have a voice coil, magnet and diaphragm. Now, there's plenty of software around which will simulate what happens when you introduce passive filters to speakers, but none that I could find that would do the same for dynamic microphones. With a little inventiveness, though, it's possible to make a speaker simulator work with microphones.


There are two important pieces of software to get up and running.


The first is REW, which is an excellent tool intended for measuring the performance of loudspeakers.

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