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PA Systems

This is the page for the technical specifications of the PA systems offered by Grimshaw Audio.

Each speaker has been custom designed and built to achieve the highest performance possible for that cabinet type.

Small PA System

This PA system is extremely compact, but is capable of surprising unsuspecting passers-by with the output and quality available from such small components.

The mid-high speakers feature a top-of-the-line 18Sound 6.5" midbass driver and a 1" compression driver.

The bass modules contain 3x 6.5" bass drivers in a custom-designed enclosure which maximises efficiency in the 60-120Hz range.

Main Speakers

Our main speakers are designed and built in-house and feature world-class components. The 10" drivers feature 3" voicecoils and demodulating rings, which means they operate with exceptionally low distortion even under extreme power conditions. The large compression driver and horn means a low crossover point can be used, so the midrange is spread evenly throughout the venue.

Seperate digitally controlled amplifiers for each frequency range means perfect time alignment and EQ correction to ensure HiFi sound quality.

Variable port tuning allows a choice between high-efficiency for larger gigs with subwoofers, or deeper bass for smaller events where maximum volume isn't a priority.


Total power: 2500W continuous, 1000W per 10" driver, and 500W per tweeter

Frequency range (-3dB):

Deep bass: 45Hz-20kHz, Maximum continuous SPL in free space: 118dB

High efficiency: 100Hz-20kHz, Maximum continuous SPL in free space: 127dB


Our 15" subwoofers feature 1000w (continuous rated) drivers loaded into our custom cabinets. The cabinets are solidly built and have extremely large bass ports to ensure smooth air flow even under extreme power conditions. This means that, no matter how hard you push them, they'll always put out clean, solid bass.

Eight are available in total.

One sub: 125dB continuous SPL from 39Hz to 120Hz

Four subs: 137dB continuous SPL

Eight subs: 143dB continuous SPL

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