Microphones - Recording

These mics have been selected for on-location recording work.

Beyerdynamic MC930 - Condenser - three available

Premium small-diaphragm condenser mic.

Normally used as the main stereo pair, or as part of an L/C/R setup, these mics are great for capturing a huge variety of sources.

Thanks to the bass rolloff switch and pad, they can also be used for close-mic'd applications including the VXY method.

Beyerdynamic TG-X 930 - Premium Vocal Condenser - one available

A premium vocal mic, based on the same capsule as the MC930, but with slightly different circuitry to optimise for up-close vocal work.

AKG C3000 (original version) - Large Diaphragm Condenser - three available

General-purpose large-diaphragm condenser mic, featuring switchable polar pattern, -10dB pad, and low-cut filter.

A flexible mic that mostly gets used for recording, particularly as a spot mic for larger ensembles.

Audio Technica AT3035 - Large Diaphragm Condenser - two available

A large-diaphragm cardioid condenser mic with a nice flat response. Useful for a wide range of sources.

Beyerdynamic M201TG - General Purpose Dynamic - one available

Another excellent all-round microphone: "If an SM57 were a microphone, it would sound like this."

Hypercardioid pickup pattern and a flat response means it's an excellent general-purpose microphone.

Beyerdynamic M88TG - General Purpose Dynamic - one available

Excellent all-round microphone. Hypercardioid pickup pattern means excellent rejection of other sounds. Works well for live or recorded material.

Beyerdynamic M67 - General Purpose Vintage Dynamic - four available

A vintage dynamic mic. These were made in the late 1960s and they actually sound very good. Many modern dynamic microphones have an elevated response through the kHz range, which means they sound quite "bright". These mics are exceptionally flat through that range, which results in a more natural sound.

The switch introduces a gentle low-cut filter that works perfectly for close-mic'd applications.

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