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Sound System Hire

This page is dedicated to the Grimshaw Audio Sound System - our take on the traditional reggae-style sound systems used all over the world.

Many sound systems can play very loudly, and some can go deep into the bass. However, it's rare to find one that sounds really good.

There are a few reasons for this:

- Huge tweeter boxes with many cheap tweeters will produce a lot of comb filtering, which gives a very undefined treble.

- Scoop subwoofers require a dedicated midbass section to fill in the dip in the scoop's response, which means more phase shifts in the bass from additional crossover sections. This robs the system of "punch".

By using quality parts throughout and carefully designing the cabinets, these problems have been avoided, and what's left is pure sonic bliss.

The system is loud enough to make music physical - you'll feel every note, even when the bass drops low. Unlike most systems, though, there's no harshness or distortion when you turn it up. The music keeps getting louder, and always sounds great.

You can read about the individual components below.


Our mid-high speakers feature:

2x Faital Pro 10FH520 midrange drivers (600w continuous, 1200w peak)

1x 18Sound ND1460 compression driver

These are world-class components in a cabinet that features extensive acoustic treatment and bracing. The result is pure effortless quality, even when producing extreme volume levels.

By using only one top per stereo channel, a lot of problems with conventional sound systems are avoided. Most will sound "washy" as you move around, because of the comb filtering from all the different tweeters they're running. Our tops have pinpoint accuracy, no matter where you're standing or how you're moving.


While the subwoofers are 15" instead of the 18"s normally found on the sound system scene, don't be fooled. These are some of the best 15" drivers available anywhere.

They're loaded into ported cabinets that feature extra-large bass ports with flares at both ends. That means the ports always stay linear and keep working as they should, even under extreme pressure from the drivers.

Conventional sound systems often use scoop cabinets for subwoofer duties. While they work fine for the lower ranges, they often feature a strong dip in the upper bass range, which means they have to be used with midbass horns. That means additional phase problems from trying to run lots of cabinets over a fairly narrow frequency span.

We avoid all of that by using cabinets that give us a clean wide bandwidth to use. By getting rid of the phase problems found in conventional systems, the bass will have more punch as well as depth.

Amplifiers - Powersoft T-series

Powersoft's newly-released T-series amplifiers drive the system. They're powerful, high-quality amplifiers which feature exceptional processing power.

A T604 runs the main speakers (bi-amped), and a T602 runs the subwoofers.

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