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Chris Grimshaw is a long-time audio professional and HiFi enthusiast, who has written articles for Live Sound International Magazine and regularly participates in the LSI Roundtable series, where various issues in live sound are discussed with a number of other audio professionals.

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April 4, 2016

Saturday night saw Isembard's Wheel return to an old haunt, the Notty House. As always, they put on a fantastic set, despite setting a new record of four strings breaking!

We took four of the little monitors, two for the main PA, two for the monitor mix....

March 21, 2016

The compact 15" subs have made their debut! - a pair of them sat at one side of the stage and provided well for the venue. They even had plenty of headroom left - the amps were at less than 1/10th power all night.

With performances from Blai & Joss, Keir...

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