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Great Yorkshire Chorus

In December 2018, I provided sound for the Great Yorkshire Chorus Christmas Concert. The Great Yorkshire Chorus (GYC) is a 100-strong choir run by Maria, an experienced choirmaster. The concert was to feature choral covers of popular music, including lots of Christmas songs. There would also be a solo singer for a couple of songs, and an electric piano. The whole thing needed live reinforcement, plus a full recording setup. As mentioned in another blog post, this was the first outing of the new Powersoft amplifiers - while they hadn't been officially released at that time, I was allowed to use them at gigs so long as no details went online. The venue was the Victoria Hall at Saltaire, and the setup went like this: - Choir split into six blocks, three on-stage and three at ground level. I used a Sennheiser e935 per block - A Sennheiser e935 for vocal announcements by Maria - An Audio Technica ATM710 condenser mic for the solo singer - 2x Beyerdynamic MC930 for recording the choir - A mid/side array facing away from the choir arranged to pick up audience applause and room ambience, consisting of a Beyerdynamic M201TG and a vintage Cadenza ribbon mic - 2x Main speakers, 5x stage monitors, no subwoofers.

She also left a review:

We booked Chris to provide equipment and manage all the sound for our Great Yorkshire Chorus Christmas choir concert. This was a big event with a choir of over 100 people and a large audience, he did a fantastic job for us. Leading up to the event we had regular contact with Chris, he made sure that everything was well organised and met what we needed on the day. On the day itself set up was all smooth and we had a great soundcheck with the choir where Chris got all the levels set just right so the choir could hear things well and there was a good balance for the audience. Chris also recorded the concert for us which was brilliant so we have that to keep and use in future. The recordings are excellent quality and he put a lot of work in post production for us to get them sounding spot on. Chris is very professional and easy to work with, which is hugely valuable to anyone running a large event who needs someone experienced and reliable. We'll definitely use Chris again and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him.

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