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Summer 2024 PA System Update

First up, some changes to the PA system. With advances in loudspeaker technology, the latest subwoofers are moving more air than ever before. As a result, I re-built the low-frequency section of the PA system. Featuring Faital Pro 18XL1800 drivers in cabinets which are sealed, but feature active cooling of the drivers. This allows a compact form-factor, theoretically limitless LF extension, and output levels that meet or exceed the previous subwoofer designs.

The first outing was a small theatre in Chesterfield, where the task was to reproduce the footsteps of a giant. Using the processing in the Powersoft amplifiers, I chose a frequency response that rose towards the bass, peaking at around 18Hz. The experience was better than a cinema: the tactile response to those very-low-frequencies was excellent, and the director was very pleased with the results.

When higher SPLs are required, the VLF response is gradually restricted to allow more headroom in the audible bass range.

I've been very pleased with the high output and compact size of these subwoofers.


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