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It's good to be back.

Lots has happened since the last blog post.

In approximately-chronological order:

I spent a little over a year working at a high-end speaker company based in Sheffield. They were building HiFi speakers with prices in the £9k/pair to £140k/pair range. I was building, testing and repairing those speakers. It was a very interesting insight into the world of HiFi, which has been a hobby of mine for around 15 years. I'll probably do an extended post/article about my thoughts on that at a later date, but suffice to say that one of the reasons I left was that I didn't believe that the performance of the speakers justified the price.

The Crystal Ballroom in Glossop hosted a few events (when Covid restrictions allowed) towards the end of 2021, and I was grateful to be able to do the job I enjoy again.

Since March 2022, events started up in earnest. There have been lots of weddings at Heathy Lea B&B, regular visits to the Greystones in Sheffield, some events featuring top-class footballers, a party at an army base, infrasonic bass at a theatre, and Marchington Village Festival.

In terms of equipment, there have been a few additions to the mic locker, some new 18" subwoofers, and all of the speakers have been brought out so I can spend some time with the measurement mic, fine-tuning their performance.

Some pictures below. It's good to be back.


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