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Live Sound

If you need a PA system, this is the place to be.

Instead of offering a one-size-fits-all approach, we tailor the setup for your event to make sure the sound is perfect - use the contact form to get in touch, and we'll put together your ideal system.

Scroll down for the list of equipment that's available.


Mics Packs - from £50

Our mics packs are assembled on a per-event basis. For a single act, the mics pack will be £50. For a festival stage with lots of different acts, more flexibility is required so additional mics are brought in for £75.

The core mics that are used are as follows:

Sennheiser e935 - vocals

Sennheiser e904 - drums/general

Sennheiser e906 - instrument amps

SE Electronics X1D - kick drum

Additional mics can be added - see here for more.

Main Speakers - £50 per pair

Our main speakers are designed and built in-house and feature world-class components. The 10" drivers feature 3" voicecoils and demodulating rings, which means they operate with exceptionally low distortion even under extreme power conditions. The large compression driver means a low crossover point can be used, so the midrange is spread evenly throughout the venue.

Seperate digitally controlled amplifiers for each frequency range means perfect time alignment and EQ correction to ensure HiFi sound quality.

Variable port tuning allows a choice between high-efficiency for larger gigs with subwoofers, or deeper bass for smaller events where maximum volume isn't a priority.


Total power: 2500W continuous, 1000W per 10" driver, and 500W per tweeter

Frequency range (-3dB):

Deep bass: 50Hz-20kHz, Maximum continuous SPL in free space: 118dB

High efficiency: 100Hz-20kHz, Maximum continuous SPL in free space: 127dB

Subwoofers - £40 per pair

Our 15" subwoofers feature 1000w (continuous rated) drivers loaded into our custom cabinets. The cabinets are solidly built and have extremely large bass ports to ensure smooth air flow even under extreme power conditions. This means that, no matter how hard you push them, they'll always put out clean, solid bass.

Four have been built, and four more will be available soon.

One sub: 125dB continuous SPL from 39Hz to 120Hz

Four subs: 137dB continuous SPL

Eight subs: 143dB continuous SPL

Monitors - £20 each

These 12" coaxial monitors are excellent multi-purpose cabinets. They're the perfect monitor solution for loud stages, where they easily reinforce vocals to keep up with drum kits and loud guitar amps. They can also be mounted on stands to provide additional coverage areas for the main PA system.

As with all our speakers, each speaker has been individually measured to find the perfect EQ curve for a smooth, neutral response.

The point-source design ensures a coherent sound and helps reduce feedback.

Available for dry hire.


- 1x 12" coaxial cast-frame driver

- 250W continuous power

Engineer Hire - £20 per hour

From small coffee houses to huge stacks of PA, we've done it - if you've got a PA system, we can get it sounding great.

This hourly rate applies from when the background music starts, to when it stops at the end of the event.

Basic Recording - £20

The recording packages are an add-on option when a PA system is hired.

A Basic Recording includes:

- Main stereo mix recorded directly to a pendrive

- Guidance on how to process the recording to get it sounding its best on a variety of speakers

Full Recording - £100

The recording packages are an add-on option when a PA system is hired.

A full recording of your gig includes:

- Room mics to capture the ambience of the venue

- Full multi-track recording of the gig, which will be mixed and mastered at our studio.

- Working with you to ensure the mix is exactly how you like it.

- Where possible, studio-grade condensers will be on-stage to capture each instrument as accurately as possible.

Dry Hire: Yamaha DBR10 + Microphone - £40 per day

The Yamaha DBR10 is great for small events where ease-of-use is important. There's two controls on the back, one for the music volume, and one for the microphone volume, and that's about it. As a result, we're pleased to offer this as a dry hire item, where we'll set it up, show you the controls and let you enjoy your event.

Pair it with the Very Large Subwoofer for a great party setup that's sure to get everyone dancing.

Dry Hire: Very Large Subwoofer - £60 per day

Occasionally, you need some serious bass.

This is our answer - a 1800w 21" subwoofer in one of our custom cabinets. With intelligent cooling for the 5" voicecoil, a very rigid cone, and lots of excursion capability, this sub delivers.

The cabinet itself is heavily braced and has a double-thickness baffle to stand up to the huge pressures generated inside.

In the corner of a room, this sub is capable of 120dB at 20Hz. We recommend pairing it with the Yamaha DBR10 for an extremely powerful party setup, though it's also been used by DJs and venues needing a bit more power for their system.

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