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3 Nov 2019

With lots more classical recording on the horizon (read: Christmas concerts are coming), I've spent a little while revamping the on-location recording equipment here at Grimshaw Audio.

First up is a larger set of high-quality microphones, featuring a total of seven Beyerdynamic MC930s. These small-diaphragm condenser microphones are extremely high-quality, resulting in a really clear and natural sound. I'm impressed every time I use...

3 Nov 2019

Well, here it is. After some difficulties involving the firmware of one of the amplifiers, the rack is complete:

From top to bottom:

T604 - 4x1500w - runs the bi-amped main speakers

T602 - 2x 3000w - runs the subwoofers

T304 - 4x750w - runs the stage monitors with four mixes.

The new Powersoft amplifiers are an amazing piece of technology, featuring high power output and world-class processing. The Grimshaw Audio PA systems have never so...

28 Sep 2019

After providing sound for a lot of weddings, and cross-renting wireless mics from other companies, I thought it'd be useful to offer one without all the extra hassle.

So, here it is:

Which is one of Sennheiser's latest models, and features the same e935 capsule as the vocal mics here at Grimshaw Audio.

The mic sounds great, even in the hands of less-experienced users, and the transmission range is excellent. I'm looking forward to putt...

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