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12 Feb 2020

I finished some new speakers recently, and they've been out for their first gig:

They're a single 10" coaxial speaker, the fairly-recently-released Faital Pro 10HX230. They're loaded into a medium-sized ported box which allows them to put out some bass - enough for acoustic instruments. The drivers feature demodulating rings, which keeps distortion very low even at high output levels.

The cabinets are braced and treated internally to...

19 Nov 2019

Well, the QSC TouchMix 16 mixing desk has served me well, but the time came to upgrade - 16x channels can be a hindrance for larger festival setups. There's also the matter of recording, where a few extra channels can be useful.

I'd had my eye on the QSC TM30Pro for a while, and the time came to make the purchase. With the extra input channels available, as well as additional processing and input routing, this new desk is a clear ste...

3 Nov 2019

With lots more classical recording on the horizon (read: Christmas concerts are coming), I've spent a little while revamping the on-location recording equipment here at Grimshaw Audio.

First up is a larger set of high-quality microphones, featuring a total of seven Beyerdynamic MC930s. These small-diaphragm condenser microphones are extremely high-quality, resulting in a really clear and natural sound. I'm impressed every time I use...

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