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2016 - On-Site Recording and more

There's some exciting things to come in 2016.

Having worked with Isembard's Wheel (a fantastic local band, see for more) on an a cappella recording, we're working on offering a similar service: high-quality on-site recording. Using the digital mixing desk and a high-quality AKG large diaphragm condenser mic, excellent results were achieved by layering up the mix, one vocal/instrument at a time.

Of course, we're looking to expand this by purchasing more of these mics, so if a band produces a better sound all playing together, we'd be able to record the whole thing in one take.

Since there's no studio (with all the associated costs), our prices will be much cheaper than comparable services at a fixed location. Plus, you won't have to lug your instruments to another city for the day - we come to you!

Keep an eye on the website - once the on-site recording has gone live (if you'll pardon the expression), we'll have a shiny new page for it.

The last gig was with the Sky Moguls (Facebook:, playing an acoustic set at the Red Deer. They swapped the drums for a cajon, and an electric guitar for an acoustic (still plugged into the same pedalboard), and off they went. The set was excellent, and fortunately the desk was recording, so here's a couple of originals from them, with permission from the band:

Sky Moguls SoundCloud link here, for their more rock-ish sound:

I very much enjoyed the gig, and look forward to working with the Sky Moguls again in the future.

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