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New Speakers - Finally!

I'm sure you're all pleased to know I won't be writing about the construction progress any more. They're done.

I'm very pleased with how these have come out. They're small and light enough to carry one in each hand, but can pack a punch when needed. They went in front of the measurement mic the other day, to get the final touches of EQ and time alignment. Having gone through all that, they now sound fantastic. At low volumes at home, they produce a very HiFi sound. However, you can turn them up and up, and they'll just keep getting louder. Each 10" driver will see 500w, and the tweeters will get around 300w.

The cabinets start rolling off around 80Hz, which will cover the bottom end of most acoustic instruments just fine, and also the harmonics of low-E on a bass guitar. To get the full frequency range, the compact 15" subwoofers fill the bass in nicely, reaching down to around 25Hz (albeit at a reduced volume), much lower than most commercial cabinets!

So, yes, this is the new Large PA System:

Another shot:

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