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Review: Martin Jackson at the Red Deer

The Red Deer is an old favourite for us - excellent food, great drinks, and a lovely team of staff. Recently, Martin Jackson passed through, playing a fantastic mix of covers and mash-ups. We discussed mic choices and got his guitar sounding just so, and arranged for the multi-track recording to be transferred.

We thoroughly enjoyed the gig, and Martin was kind enough to leave a review, which you can read below:

" I am a professional acoustic covers singer, regularly performing around the UK and have worked with countless other sound engineers in the past. Chris was conducting the sound at the Red Deer in Sheffield when I played there on 24th September, and I can vouch for his expert ability in providing a fantastic front-of-house mix and providing exactly the right monitoring that I desired. As well as possessing top notch gear, he clearly has in-depth knowledge and conducted himself with utmost professionalism. He is also a friendly and approachable person, and went above and beyond to make sure I received the recordings of the show that he had taken from the desk. Highly recommended for all your live sound needs :) "

Thanks, Martin! See you at the next one.

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