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Reviews(!) - Lescar and equipment setup

Well, I've been busy recently.

I couldn't make a particular event near Barnsley, but after talking to Martyn, we decided to do a test setup the weekend before. The equipment hadn't been used for some time, so a refresher course on how to set it all up was in order.

Upon testing, one of the 12" midrange speakers quickly failed. We opened it up and found the voicecoil had gone open-circuit, and the back of the magnet looked a little corroded. Good job we found that before the gig!

We ran through the rest of the setup, and then fired up the measurement mic. The old Peavey cabinets sounded a little rough at first, but some work with the EQ got them sounding remarkably good.

Martyn and Joe (Martyn's son, who I guided through the setup later in the day) were kind enough to leave this review:

"Chris set up our gear and showed us how to get the best from it. A very helpful and knowledgeable young sound engineer. Recommended."

Cheers, gents!

That same evening, there was a gig at the Lescar, Sheffield. The main act, Il Sogno Del Marinaio, were on an international tour, so it was a big moment to be asked to help out. We had some fun with the instrument amps, which had moulded european plugs on them. After checking everything twice for voltages between mics and amps, we fired it all up, and what a sound. I'd highly recommend these guys. James, the organiser for the gig, left this review:

"Chris responded at pretty short notice (6 days) to a request to provide sound for a gig at The Lescar in Sheffield. He was providing sound for a pretty challenging headline act - Il Sogno Del Marinaio - whose bass guitarist (Mike Watt) was recently in Iggy Pop & The Stooges and perhaps more famously early '80s US hardcore band Minutemen. Chris did a superb job for them, giving them what they wanted in terms of set-up, overcoming some technical issues & really impressing with sound on the night. Likewise the support (Dave Woodcock) were able to set up quickly and their acoustic set sounded superb. The whole night went smoothly and the audience loved it; Chris played a huge part in that. Highly recommend."

That's all for now, but keep an eye out for a gear-related post coming soon.

Here's a quick snapshot of the gig at the Lescar. One of the 15" subs was out of action that night, but we managed just fine with the three.

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