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TouchMix V3.0 - Room Tuning Wizard

This is a technical post that will hopefully help new users of the V3.0 update of the TouchMix desks from QSC.

There's some confusion online about how the Room Tuning Wizard works, so I got out the measurement mic to take a look.

Here's the setup:

- QSC TM16 desk running firmware version 3.0

- Behringer B3030A active monitor

- Beyerdynamic MM1 Microphone

The Behringer monitor is on one of the main outputs, and the mic is connected to input 16. Phantom power is applied. There's music going into one of the stereo line inputs, and it sounds fine.

We start off as normal - select the Room Tuning Wizard and you get here. For demonstration purposes, we're only going to do a single measurement.

Press "Next" below, and the music gets muted.

To find out what's going on, I'm going to do an extreme measurement that will definitely produce a strange response curve. Here's the mic position, right up to the ribbon tweeter of these monitors. That should produce a measurement with a lot of high-frequency content.

Here's the curve that mic position gives:

Press "Measure" and the mixer listens for a while and then moves to the next screen.

Now, the music is back on and we can choose a "Flat" or "Live" response curve. I chose flat. If you choose "Live", a pre-determined EQ curve is applied on the user-controllable graphic EQ sliders. You can alter it as you wish, but it might be a good starting point.

So, this is where we finish up. The music is playing, and sounds muffled. If you turn off the Tuning switch near the top, the treble comes back.

We can conclude that the blue sliders are applied automatically, as a product of running the Tuning Wizard. You can disable them by switching the Tuning switch (shown above) to Out.

Hope that's helpful. I would've made a video, but the sound recording on my phone is spectacularly bad.


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