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Powered by Powersoft

After looking for a while at Powersoft amplifiers in various shapes and sizes, I was told by the distributor to wait: there was something on the horizon that would be perfect for what I need.

So, I waited. A couple of months later, James at CUK Audio contacted me, and we arranged a demonstration of the yet-to-be-released Powersoft T-series amplifiers. This was to be the first demo in the UK.

I brought along my own amps for comparison, and I really wanted them to sound as good as the newer, more expensive, Powersoft units.

Alas, the Powersoft amps were better - more detail, more resolution, more HiFi. The processing power is also very impressive, including one of the latest developments in the Pro Audio world - linear-phase processing.

Of course, I had to buy them.

I went for 1x T604 and 1x T602 to run the main speakers and subwoofers respectively. Those have replaced 7U of amplifiers and processing, with more power, more processing, more quality, and less than 1/3rd of the space used!

The first gig with the T604 was for the Great Yorkshire Chorus Christmas Concert at the Victoria Hall in Saltaire. The T604 was powering the main speakers which were providing reinforcement for the choir, as well as backing tracks. Even producing the full range without any help from subwoofers, the system sounded excellent and filled the venue. This would be, in part, down to the benefits of asymmetric loading on these amplifiers - for bi-amped main speakers like mine, the T604 will produce 2x 2200W and 2x 600W for the midrange and high-frequency drivers respectively. Throughout the gig, I was impressed at how much headroom there was, and how clean the sound stayed even at high volume levels.

Having used them for a few events, I've been very impressed every time. They have a lot of clean power available, and hold up well even if you really try to give them some pain.

I'm looking forward to rolling these out for 2019!

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