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Getting Started

Hi there,

So, my very own website. This is exciting. I'll be posting updates on the sound equipment I use, gigs and events I work, and possibly other sound- or music-related stuff I come across.

I've worked at the University of Sheffield Students' Union as a member of the Technical Services Committee just under three years, designing and building speakers occasionally, including as part of my Physics degree.

I suppose its worth filling in some of the equipment I already use, for those of you that're interested.

The main PA system is currently a pair of Fane 12" 500w midbass speakers loaded into some repurposed Tannoy cabinets. Covering the mid-high range is a pair of 18Sound neodymium tweeters. There's an digital crossover and EQ to correct the instrinsic responses of the drivers in the cabinets. Each component gets its own amplifier channel, with a Behringer NU6000 covering midbass, and an NU3000 for treble. Recent tests have shown the former will put out 1000w/ch into these Fane drivers, which is more than adequate. For subwoofers, there's four 15" Beyma 1200w drivers each loaded into its own compact cabinet for ease of transport.

The mixing desk is a QSC TM-16, with iPad control. I usually use this as an active stagebox, leaving it near the stage while mixing from a suitable front-of-house location. The built-in recording capabilities are fantastic, with excellent-sounding mixes coming out when checked with studio monitors.

In future, I'll be building some cabinets for 4x 10" Faital Pro drivers, which will replace the Fanes with lower distortion and even more output. I am also waiting to use a much larger subwoofer driver, but that won't be for a little while. When the design phase is completed, I'll post construction updates as I go.

Updates will be every fortnight, or more often during a busy period when there's more to talk about.

For now, though, I've some preparation to do for a gig at the Old House in Sheffield tomorrow. Have a listen to the video below, though - I'm not affiliated, but this is brilliant.

All the best

Chris Grimshaw

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