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New Speakers

I finished some new speakers recently, and they've been out for their first gig:

They're a single 10" coaxial speaker, the fairly-recently-released Faital Pro 10HX230. They're loaded into a medium-sized ported box which allows them to put out some bass - enough for acoustic instruments. The drivers feature demodulating rings, which keeps distortion very low even at high output levels.

The cabinets are braced and treated internally to make sure the sound is exceptionally pure and clear.

These speakers are powerful enough for smaller rock 'n' roll gigs, and will be the new staple here at Grimshaw Audio, while the previous main speakers will be kept for larger outdoor events.

These new speakers will work well with the existing subwoofers, but I've also designed and built a compact (but powerful) 12" subwoofer which puts enough enough bass for smaller venues.

I've been very pleased with the 10HX230 units, and am planning on building some new stage monitors in the future using those drivers.

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