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Covid-19 Update and The Lab

I think it's worth addressing the Covid-19 situation. Of course, my calendar has been wiped completely - what would be a very busy time for me has been reduced to naught. I had been looking forward to bringing out and using the new equipment (see previous blog posts) and having another excellent Summer, but that wasn't to be.

So, I've battened down the hatches. Everything sound-related in paid for outright (ie, nothing is bought with finance), which means I can lie low and weather the storm as best I can. I'm looking forward to next year with hope: live sound engineering is my passion, and I feel incredibly lucky to have found a job that I thoroughly enjoy (although the late-night equipment hauling isn't great at the time).

For now, though, I'm furthering my abilities where I'm able, and my thoughts are with those more personally affected by the virus.

To keep myself busy, then, I've started working on the Lab as a part of the website. I've linked to the Lab in a few places online, and for those wondering, it is named after that of Siegfred Linkwitz (RIP). Linkwitz's writing contributed a lot to my understanding of audio, particularly HiFi, when I first started playing around with some old Pioneer 3-way speakers many moons ago. Where Linkwitz liked dipoles, I find controlled-directivity monopoles to be easier to integrate into the average listening room, so I focus my attention there when it comes to home HiFi.

There's no particular direction or aim for the Lab, except sharing small projects and investigations which I consider interesting. Having restored a lot of AKG D12s (somewhere around 30) and finally got hold of an AKG D12VR, I'll be performing a series of comparisons between the two, which I'm looking forward to sharing with the world.

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