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PA Systems - what's next?

Looking forward, we want to go bigger, louder, and better-sounding than before.

A well-known supplier recently had a warehouse clearance sale, with some high-quality items being sold cheaply. As a result, we're working on a new design for a P-Audio SD21-1800N, which is a 21" subwoofer driver that's rated for 1.8kW continuous power. There's a few pictures below. Its difficult to get a sense of scale until the DVD is added. This driver can move a lot of air.

We are working on a few different designs, the largest of which would provide almost the same output as the four compact 15" subwoofers shown elsewhere on the site. A much smaller cabinet for this driver would only keep up with two of the 15"s, but would be much easier to lift!

We are also working on a pair of dual-10" top cabinets, which will be covered in another blog post. We have the drivers already, but the cabinets are, like the subwoofer above, very much in the design stage.


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