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St Patrick's Day at the Old House (and some other bits)

The compact 15" subs have made their debut! - a pair of them sat at one side of the stage and provided well for the venue. They even had plenty of headroom left - the amps were at less than 1/10th power all night.

With performances from Blai & Joss, Keiran, Jack's Rake, and Isembard's Wheel, there was plenty to keep me busy. While the stage was on the small side, we managed to squeeze five members of Jack's Rake on there, each with their own vocal mic and instrument.

The new speakers are coming along nicely - some pictures of the construction are below. Once built, they'll undergo stringent tests to ensure they're working as well as they can. They feature four bass reflex ports, which will ensure lots of air movement for cooling and plenty of volume in the kick region. By blocking one or two of the ports, the tuning frequency is lowered, so these will also be able to provide a full bass response at lower volumes.

The speakers will have a rosewood stain finish to match the subwoofers. In a trade where black boxes are ubiquitous, its nice to have something a little different.

Some more mics have made it into the collection; a second original AKG C3000, and an EV N/D967. The former is a very nice large diaphragm condenser. Having a pair of them means that drum kits, choirs, and even guitars can now be mic'd in stereo. The EV mic is the top of EV's N/D range, and we're excited to bring it to future gigs. First up will be Isembard's Wheel at the Red Deer, Sheffield, on the 26th of March.

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