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The Lescar, Sheffield, 17th April 2016

Sunday the 17th of April saw the launch of Fran Wyburn and the Indigos' new EP, Postcards. Joining them were Molly Anna Band, and Isembard's Wheel. Fran's band featured intricate three-way harmonies, two guitars, and a harmonium; while Molly Anna Band had a powerful lead vocal and a rhythm section that could really pack a punch. Isembard's Wheel, as always, brought their usual brand of stompy folky goodness. What better first outing for the new speakers?

Large PA at the Lescar, Sheffield

With a cajon, bass guitar and stompbox in the lineup, the four 15" subwoofers were given a workout. Two would have been plenty, but with the fairly small stage at the Lescar, the subs (almost exactly the same height as the stage) provided a bit of an extension to make room for all the mic stands.

Two large monitors firing from just behind the main speakers completed the setup, and sounded excellent now that they have been subject to scrutiny with the measurement microphone. The fantastic EV microphones saw duty all night. The excellent rear rejection (that is, the ability of a microphone to reject unwanted sounds) meant that, even with fairly loud monitors, there wasn't a single bit of feedback.

That's all for now - I think the little 8" monitors could use some measurements, too.


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