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Review: Tremere Wedding

Weddings are always nice to provide sound for - there's plenty of space and time to set up, and the potential for cake later on. We love doing weddings (and gigs in general, but weddings have cake). This particular wedding was at the Upper House in Hayfield, a gorgeous venue. We set up in the courtyard.

All set up:

Richard, the groom, wrote the review below:

"We recently got hitched in the UK and a few of the attending guests and I play in band(s) together. We thought it would be nice to extend the wedding weekend and have a day of live music the day after the wedding. As most of the band live and work overseas, transporting our own PA equipment wasn't feasible so we looked into hiring some gear for the day. Grimshaw Audio was recommended by a friend who works in the music business so I contacted Chris through the website and he quickly replied to confirm he was available and offered some great advice on the equipment we required. He also offered to set up and manage all the technical stuff throughout the day so we didn't need to worry about levels, settings etc. The price seemed very reasonable so we progressed with the booking. Following a phone conversation to firm up the details, it was clear that Chris is extremely knowledgeable about about his work and service; Grimshaw Audio was obviously a passionate hobby as well as a professional business. We were scheduled to start the first set at around 3:00pm on the Sunday; Chris and his colleague arrived at 10:00am to set up! The kit they work with is amazing. The speakers are hand crafted by Chris so he literally knows them inside out. Backed up by a remote tablet mixer, he can stroll the venue and and adjust the levels accordingly via a Bluetooth connection (I guess?). We're an amateur band so having a sound engineer and a quality PA set up was a real novelty for us; despite all our rusty mistakes we've never sounded so clear and bright (in our opinion). All the vocals and instruments, (percussion, bass, keys, guitar) were fed through the same PA so Chris was also able to provide us with a full recording on a USB stick. All in all, I can't recommend this guy enough. A young business with a bright future for sure. I just wish he lived in the Middle East so we could hire him for every gig!"

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