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Gear updates

Its been a little quiet lately, but we've been busy here regardless.

Firstly, the amplifiers in the large PA system have been upgraded. After going over the specifications, doing some testing, and then doing even more testing, the 2x10" speakers featured in the Medium and Large PA systems will now be fed with 2.5KW. That's 1KW for each 10" driver, and 500w to the tweeter. The 10" drivers are rated for 600w continuously and 1200w peaks, so an amplifier capable of delivering 1000w per driver matches up quite nicely. The tweeters are driven by the other side of that amplifier, and we're actually applying limiting to ensure that they receive plenty of clean power, while making sure they're not in any danger. Even when testing at very high levels, the distortion stayed low, truly a testament to the engineering behind the drivers.

We measured an increase in maximum SPL of 5dB, which pretty much like adding another speaker per side!

Secondly, one of the 15" subwoofers was dismantled, and the driver was used in a tapering transmission line enclosure. In theory, the transmission line would provide extra volume towards the bottom end of the range, compared to the previous super-compact cabinets.

The prototype was subject to a lot of testing:

After all the testing, what was particularly impressive was that the cabinet sounds the same at any volume. Whether it's background music at home, or going really really loud, this sub stays nice and linear. Traditional ported cabinets often suffer from port compression and chuffing, which means they lose their bottom end when the volume goes up. The result is a very dry punchy sound. That sound has its place, but this transmission line sub still keeps its bottom end, and sounds like a much bigger sub because of it.

This 15" transmission line cabinet comfortably out-performs an 18" ported design from a well-known manufacturer. Theirs has a huge peak at 70Hz, and nothing much below. This is flat through its range. They both go about as loud as each other, but which is going to sound better?

Lastly, we're working on expanding our microphone inventory. The EV mics are still our go-to mics, but we're working on offering a wider range to suit your wants and needs.

That's all for now.

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