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Reviews - SheFest and more

It's been a little quiet here, though we've still been busy.

We provided a small setup for SheFest on the Moor in Sheffield. Even without subwoofers, the main speakers provided plenty of punch. There was a variety of acts, including dancers, singer-songwriters, a band, and one act that involved a combination of tap-dancing and synthesisers.

Given the fairly small setup area, the EV N/D967s were used for their excellent resistance to feedback. Some of the singers commented that they've never heard their voice so clearly before, and will be buying their own.

Beckie, the organiser, had this to say:

"Very good value for money. Good communication throughout and brought additional items for musicians at short notice. Smooth operation, would highly recommend. Thanks Chris!"

There was also a party out in Staffordshire, where the Yamaha DBR10 and the Big Subwoofer provided a powerful sound with a small footprint. The organiser left us a note:

" Very efficient service and good value for money. Sound system was excellent for our needs. Will keep in touch with Chris for future events in the area."

Somewhere in the middle of all that, I've moved house and a lot of furnature has been assembled. With that out of the way, proper woodwork can commence. Keep a look out for build progress on the following:

- New and improved 15" subwoofers. There's going to be eight of them, which promises to be a lot of fun for outdoor festivals.

- A small column speaker with an active subwoofer, perfect for those events where speakers need to be heard but not seen.

Coming up tonight is the Open Mic night at the Red Deer in Sheffield. We're working on a way of getting a great distorted electric guitar sound without the need for an amplifier - stay tuned!

That's all for now.


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