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Recent Gigs - Three Valleys Beer Festival and More

It's been a busy few weeks here, so here's a rundown of what's been happening at Grimshaw Audio...

First up, we have a new set of subwoofers. Four down, four to go. These are similar to the ones mentioned in a previous post, but with a slightly different internal layout. They're 1KW each, and while they're quite a lot bigger than the previous compact cabinets, they provide a lot more output too. They go flat down to 40Hz, and made the building rattle down to 28Hz in a quick test. The compact subs are still operational for the time being, but we plan to re-use the drivers in those for another set of four cabinets in time for the larger festivals and events where the extra low end will be needed.

Since it was their first outing, we set up early to put them through their paces. These cabinets are seriously impressive - even playing some extremely demanding music with very deep bass, they delivered.

Last weekend saw the Three Valleys Beer Festival. Once again, we worked with Veronica at the Green Dragon in Dronfield. The bands were excellent, and the new PA system received a lot of complements, which was just that little bit nicer when there was a £20,000 HK ConTours rig just up the road.

We've also been working with Handsome Dan and the Mavericks recently, with two gigs in two nights the previous weekend. The second gig was at Wickersley Old Village Cricket Club, where the PA system proved itself ample to be heard across a cricket field, and that's with the old subs!

Some photos of those events are below, in a slidey gallery format for your viewing pleasure.

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