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Summer gigs - Peakender, Tramlines and more

It's been a little while, so here's an update of what's been going on here at Grimshaw Audio.

First up, another four of the 15" subwoofers have been completed, taking the total to eight. Stacked together, they're capable of in excess of 140dB, from around 38Hz (-3dB point) upwards. In person, the results are very impressive. The new subwoofers sound much larger than they look, with a -10dB point of 29Hz. In comparison, a Yamaha DXS15 (a commercial 15" subwoofer costing around £700 each) has it's -10dB point at 45Hz. Our new subs go much lower, match their maximum volume, and are physically around 2/3rds the size! We get this performance by using some of the best components available, using them in well-designed cabinets, and supplying lots of clean power.

With the larger systems come bigger events - The highlight of the Summer was Peakender, a three-day festival hosted by Thornbridge Brewery at the Bakewell Showground.

This was the first outing with the full complement of subwoofers. As with all outdoor stages, you have to be prepared for anything. In this case, it was driving rain which meant the subwoofers spent the entire time under plastic sheets to protect the cones and electrical parts.

More recently, the Party in the Car Park at the Green Dragon, Dronfield, was another excuse to go all-out with sound equipment. Other gigs have included a fundraising day put on by Bridge Pole Ltd, an evening of Indian music in Doncaster, Tramlines, a birthday party, a wedding, and of course some Open Mic Nights at the Red Deer, and more.

You can scroll through the photos below:

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