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2018 - What's new?

Looking forward into 2018, there will, of course, be some new gear being rolled out.

First to be built will be another set of main speakers, but these ones will be quite different. The current main speakers feature a pair of top-end 10" drivers each rated for 600w long-term (1200w for repeated peaks) and a large high-frequency horn with a large-format compression driver, and active crossovers. They're excellent speakers - able to cover a rugby stadium - but some gigs don't need all that power.

So, the next set of main speakers will be much smaller, with a single 6.5" driver per side backed up by a 1" compression driver. The intention for these cabinets is that they'd be ample for the smaller gigs such as acoustic musicians in a pub venue. They'd also do well for wedding speeches and background music, etc etc. You get the idea. They'll be the size of a medium-sized HiFi speaker, but the simulations are encouraging - they should each pass 110dB down to 60Hz, which is actually better than the Yamaha speaker that often goes out for parties.

Talking of the Yamaha speaker, after dismantling it and doing some testing, I've written another article which will be published in Live Sound International. This time, I suggest a set of specifications that would be much more useful than the current "Peak SPL" ratings that bear little resemblence to reality. I'll post a link when it's published.

That's all for now, but stay tuned - I'm constantly looking at ways to improve the existing equipment, as well as add new items that will make your gig your best one ever.

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