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New Mixer!

Well, the QSC TouchMix 16 mixing desk has served me well, but the time came to upgrade - 16x channels can be a hindrance for larger festival setups. There's also the matter of recording, where a few extra channels can be useful.

I'd had my eye on the QSC TM30Pro for a while, and the time came to make the purchase. With the extra input channels available, as well as additional processing and input routing, this new desk is a clear step up for larger outdoor festivals as well as smaller events.

Below is a quick picture with the new mixer on top of the amp rack.

For further expansion, I've also purchased a Yamaha HA8, which is a rack-mount unit containing 8x high-quality microphone preamps. The TM30Pro has 6x line-level inputs available, so using the Yamaha HA8 I can expand the mixing desk to have 30x XLR inputs, which will be more than adequate for the time being.

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